Conveyor belt demagnetizer
DU Series Bussi Demagnetizing Systems


  • Type:

    conveyor belt


In-line and off-line Demagnetizers with a conveyor belt for the demagnetization of individual parts or internal components of washing and transport containers. The DU edition is classified into: DU1 and DU2 editions, which are demagnetizing units with a compact conveyor belt comprising of an electronic monitoring cabinet and an independent conveyor belt with integrated coil.

DU3, DU4 and DU5 editions which are fully enhanced demagnetizing units comprising of all the features of the former editions accommodated in a single device. The unit can be installed in line between two roller conveyors or in robotic digitized cells with automated component loading-unloading and also can be utilized off-lined, with manual component loading-unloading.

Compact, with very small dimensions, as per the parts to be demagnetized, excellent efficiency with low energy consumption of less than 150 W. With user-friendly establishment, a simple interface and I/O line-communication, unit has nearly zero upkeep.


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