Tunnel demagnetizer / for workpieces / for robotic lines / conveyor belt
DU series Bussi Demagnetizing Systems


  • Configuration:


  • Product handled:

    for workpieces

  • Other characteristics:

    for robotic lines, conveyor belt


Demagnetizers in line and off line with conveyor belt for the demagnetization of single parts or parts placed inside washing and transport containers. The DU series is subdivided into:

DU1 and DU2 Models: demagnetizing units with compact conveyor belt consisting of an electronic control cabinet and separately, a conveyor belt with integrated coil.

DU3, DU4 and DU5 Models: completely integrated demagnetizing units consisting of an electronic control unit and a conveyor belt with coils, in a single machine.

Examples of installation:
- installed in line between two rollers conveyors
- installed in robotised cells with automatic part loading-unloading
- used off lined by the operator, with manual part loading-unloading

Characteristics and Advantages:
- Compact: very small dimensions, according to the parts to be demagnetized
- High productivity
- Minimum energy consumption (< 150 W)
- Easy installation
- Easy interface and I/O exchange with the line
- Almost zero maintenance

- Manual versions, with manual coil height adjustment
- Automatic versions, with automatic coil height adjustment
- Two-directional conveyor belt motion (weight limits for some models)
- Possibility of planning the dedicated signal exchange with the line
- Possibility of installation of customised control panel
- Waterdrip: machining liquid collection tank

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