programmable battery monitor
max. 75 V | Sageon® SMB C&D Technologies



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The SAGEON® Battery Monitor (SMB) is an add-on module for the SAGEON® Family of DC Power Systems. It is used to monitor individual cells of a battery, or individual batteries of a monoblock, during float or equalization operation, or during a discharge. Each SBM is capable of monitoring up to 24 cells or monoblocks and up to 4 SBM units can be combined to monitor up to four battery strings of 24 cells or monoblocks each. Using the remote communications ability of the SAGEON® Power System Controller, cell voltage data accumulated during a discharge can be transferred to a remote computer and saved. The cell voltages can be viewed in real time and the SageView® software that is running on your PC displays the cell voltage data in various formats, providing you a snapshot of the health of your power systems batteries. In the event that a battery behaves less than ideal during a test or actual discharge, a number of preprogrammed parameter levels are used to generate alarms which are triggered on the controller, the SageView® software, your remotely connected PC, Network Management Software or SCADA system.