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Electrical tapper
0 - 450 rpm | ASge 636 C. & E. Fein GmbH


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ASge 636 is a precise tapper embedded with rapid return action for convenient and fast results. Speed and stability is possible through the high torque motor. The device saves time required for cutting threads with its reversing gear with rapid return action. To deliver precision and concentricity, the device is fitted with drill shaft conical holder. ASge 636 has variable electronic speed setting. It is fitted with metal gear head and a barrel-type motor housing with aluminium support. It has a FEIN kinetic handle to enable fatigue-free, safe working. The device promises long service life. ASge 636 is equipped with a collar that can be used with drill jig. The device exhibits low width across corners. ASge 636 comes with a wide range of accessories.


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