continuous industrial cooker / shrimp / for vegetables / for fish
Cabinplant A/S



  • Food product:

    shrimp, for vegetables, for fish

  • Type:

    steam, boiling, large

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, with cooler


The Cabinplant belt cooker is designed for continuous cooking and cooling of vegetables, fish or other products and can be designed to meet individual requirements.

Cooking principles:
- Cooking is by water or steam
- All types are integrated cookers/coolers, some integrate product pre-heating with up to 40% heat recovery
- Heating of cooking water is either by direct steam or by means of a heat exchanger
- Cooling is either by water/chilled water, air or a combination of both

- Very low consumption of steam
- Very low consumption of water
- No product damage
- Maximum product yield
- Long life and low maintenance costs
- Hygienic design in terms of cooking time and temperature

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