temperature monitoring system / measurement / for machines / process
PyroMiniBus Calex Electronics Limited



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  • Applications:

    measurement, for machines, process, alarm

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    digital, Modbus, real-time, stationary, networked, RS485, modular, measuring system, with visualization system, multi-point, multi-channel, data acquisition, compact, infrared, IP65, continuous


PyroMiniBus - Multi-channel Infrared Temperature Measurement System

The PyroMiniBus is a system of miniature infrared temperature sensors and optional multi-channel display modules.

Each sensor has direct RS485 Modbus communications, with no need for special interface cards. Sensors can be connected to Calex display units, or directly to third-party Modbus networks such as supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).

The flexible, modular PyroMiniBus system is suitable as a standalone installation, or for integration into an existing network of Modbus equipment.


- Measure surface temperature from -20 to 1000°C on a variety of target materials, including painted surfaces, paper, plastics, asphalt, food, organic materials, rubber and many more.

- Touch screen display units and Panel PCs for configuration, display, alarms and data logging

- The PyroMiniBus is ideal as a low-cost, standalone 6-channel system, or it can be connected to a larger system using the PM180's separate Modbus Master and Slave interfaces

- Connect the PM180 touch screen terminal to another network as a slave device, using its secondary Modbus interface

- Analogue and alarm relay outputs via optional modules

- Conforms to industrial EMC standards

- Robust miniature sensors withstand 120°C ambient temperature without cooling

- Junction box for easy wiring (optional)