manual router-shaper / 3-axis / for wood



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    for wood


The carousel is used for routing-shaping of seats, backrests, chair frames, shells and similar elements in solid wood, hardboard, MDF panels and plywood. More than one piece can be processed at the same time, provided they can be placed one on top of the other. The final shape of the piece is obtained by copying an interchangeable template profile that turns with workbench.

Sturdy electro-welded steel frame construction. Milling unit consisting of a tool holder sheft fitted with coaxial copying roller, driven by self-braking motors with belt transmission. Pneumatically driven milling unit arms fitted with pneumatic shock absorbling system when approaching the workpiece and double suction intake. Workbench driven by gearmotor with chain trasmission. 4 working speed adjusted by means of belt trasmission. Central pneumatic cylinder, held by a support that moves it to the center of the piece to be held in position. Electrical control panel on board machine. Configuration with interlocked access doors and internal lighting in compliance with CE standards.