two spindle copy router / 3-axis / universal / for the wood industry



  • Number of spindles:

    two spindle

  • Other characteristics:

    3-axis, universal, for the wood industry, gantry


The machine is fed by a twin cartridge loader and is used for milling and drilling of any type of chair corner (gattelli). It can be installed in a work centre for the complete working of corners.

Sturdy electro-welded steel frame - Milling unit support carriage sliding on tempered guides and ball couplings, driven by gearmotor at an electronically variable speed - Two milling units
fixed to a gantry supporting bench driven by electric motor with belt transmission, positioned on the carriage - The tool shaft is fitted with a coaxial copying roller and is held against the
copying template by a pneumatic cylinder - The template contour is copied by the milling unit travelling in both directions - A drilling unit is located vertically, running on tempered guides
and ball couplings, consisting of two spindles driven by an electric motor with belt transmission - All machining operations are carried out at the same time in every cycle - An automatic
pneumatic loader with two cartridges for simultaneous loading of two pieces per cycle - Two pneumatic locking clamps - Two pneumatic cylinders for centring of the piece to be worked. All
operations are performed in automatic sequence - Automatic unloading of worked pieces and transport by means of conveyor belts for packing in bags - Electrical control panel