laser scanner head
P1AB, SA24C, SA24, PHCAB Cambridge Technology



Lincoln high-performance motor polygon assemblies (MPA) are designed and assembled from an extensive selection of mirror, bearing, and motor technologies to meet your most demanding high-speed scanning applications.
Our precision-machined polygon mirrors are available in multiple geometries up to 12 in (305mm) diameter and 128 facets, with optical coatings to optimize reflectivity for wavelengths of 350 - 10,600 nm. Integrated with our aerodynamic, aerostatic, and conventional ball bearing scanner motor systems, our Lincoln polygonal scanners support a wide range of mirror masses and rotational speed requirements. AC hysteresis synchronous motors provide simple and dependable rotor integrity through a broad range of rotational
speeds, and our DC brushless designs offer superior operating characteristics in the most frequently specified speed ranges with high efficiency, high torque output, and excellent positional accuracy.

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