Turnstile / tripod
Twister CAME S.P.A


  • Options:

    for heavy traffic, tripod


Practical and functional
Twister is the tripod turnstile that is versatile, durable and suitable for all monitoring requirements and selection of transits also in areas of high traffic flow.

Robust and easy to install
the external structure, the tripod arm and side covers are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with "scotch brite" finish. The latter can be removed to facilitate the passage of the connecting cables, making it quick and easy for installation and any maintenance

LED bidirectional signalling display
Control Options and Integration
the ENTRY and EXIT commands enable the access point for user transit, the tripod is automatically locked after transit, or closed with preset time, in the case of failed transit
the LOCK command prevents the passage nullifying the effects of the entry and exit commands
the EMERGENCY command allows tripod opening movement actuation even in case of LOCK command activated

integration with access control systems: Twister can be perfectly integrated with Came RBM21 and RBM84 systems to offer a complete solution for the control of transit

in the case of black-out the turnstile is unlocked in both senses of rotation, thus facilitating transit


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