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Electric energy meter
U1387 Camille Bauer AG

Electric energy meter with power display

Acquisition of active energy in 4-wire three-phase systems
according to EN 61 036.

Customer benefit
• Precise active energy measurement according to EN 61 036, class 1
• Calibration capability, suited to official billing
• Display of instantaneous power
• Extendable for additional system measurement variables
• Direct connection 5(65) A, without additional current transformers
• Transformer connection 5//1 A
• Transformer ratios can be set and calibrated
• Variant for 60 Hz system frequency available
• Display of installation errors without additional measuring equipment
• Pulse output S0 or 230 V
• Adjustable pulse rate and pulse duration
• Compact design requires little space
• Optional LON, M-bus, L-bus interface
• Optional reading while electrical circuit is switched off


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