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Power measurement and monitoring system
CAM mobile Camille Bauer AG

Demand analysis in any low-voltage system with data recording

The CAM mobile has been designed for mobile analysis in low-voltage power distributions. It provides the following functions to the user:

- Analysis of the present system state for monitoring and maintenance purposes
- Detection of disturbances such as voltage variations or voltage sags
- Demand analysis of power distribution, generators or transformers
- Tracing billing relevant quantities such as load curve or peak demand
- Collecting total active and reactive energy demand in all four quadrants

For the parameterization of the device before measurement and the subsequent analysis of the recorded data PC knowledge is required. The installation in the field can be performed quickly and easily because all required accessories are in the scope of delivery.

By using Rogowski coils for current measurement a wide application field in power distributions of 30 up to 3000 A may be covered without hardware variance. Thus, the ideal device for energy providers, electricians or installers.

The CAM mobile bases on the SINEAX CAM, a proven universal measurement unit for heavy-current quantities, equipped with Rogowski current inputs.


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