pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / tie-rod / magnetic piston



  • Type:


  • Technology:

    double-acting, tie-rod, magnetic piston

  • Other characteristics:

    standard, with adjustable cushions, stainless steel, aluminum

  • Stroke :

    Max.: 2,500 mm

    Min.: 10 mm

  • Speed:

    Max.: 1,000 mm/s (3.280839895 ft/s)

    Min.: 10 mm/s


The Series 62 cylinder is a double-acting device that utilizes a highly effective technopolymer piston with a rolled stainless steel ASIS 420B piston rod, in addition to extremely durable zinc-plated steel piston rod nuts.

This cylinder features AL end blocks and the AL profile tube is anodized for further reliability while the tie-rods and nuts are manufactured from zinc-plated steel. Also included is an NBR piston rod and piston seals, and PU cushion seals with Ø 80-100 for each seal. The stroke range is 10-2,500mm, operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 80°C (dry air -10°C), and operating pressure is 1-10bar.

The speed of this cylinder with no load is 10-1,000mm/sec. This device is suitable for use with fluid filtered air without lubrication. However, if lubricated air is desired, it is advised that oil ISOVG32 is used, and once applied, lubrication should not be interrupted.