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Compressed air filter / coalescing / vertical
G1/8 - G1/4, 0.01 - 25 µm | N series CAMOZZI


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    for compressed air

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This HDPE filtering element is constructed by Camozzi. It is made of NBR, grillamid, and brass and features G1/4 and G1/8 ports. The maximum condensate capacity for a size one is about 11 cm³ but a size two has a maximum of around 28 cm³. Condensation draining can either occur manually or in a semi-automatic fashion.

This device weighs approximately 0.22 kilograms. It can be mounted is inline and vertical. When the fluid dew point is less than 2°C at the minimum working temperature, the operating temperature runs around -5°C to 50°C at 10 bars of pressure. Standard porosity of the filtering element is set at 25 µm on standard models. but is available at 5 µm on request. Porosity of 0.01 µm is also a possibility. Operating pressure can run between 0.3 and 16 bars, when the depressurization is at a maximum of 10 bar.


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