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Pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / compact / multi-position
° 12 - 100 mm, 1 - 400 mm, max. 80 ░C | 31 series CAMOZZI


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This compact cylinder belongs to Series 31. The double acting cylinder can be mounted by flange, feet or trunnion. It operates at a temperature of 0°C to 80°C (with dry air - 20°C).

The minimum and maximum strokes for the tandem and multi-position 31M and 31F are 1-80 mm for diameters of 12-25, 1-100 mm for diameters of 32-100, X2 max 200 mm for diameters of 12-25, X2 max 300 mm for diameters of 32-63, X2 max 400 mm for diameters 80-100.

The body, end block and piston are constructed from AL, the rod and piston seals from PU, and the rod from stainless steel AISI 303.


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