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cutting oil / mineral / for ferrous metals / for aluminum
Fluid Pro M CAMP S.r.l.



  • Function:


  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for ferrous metals, for aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    detergent, high-pressure


An emulsifying cooling lubricant, with high mineral content, which dispersed in water, creates a milky emulsion with high stability. It contains special antibacterial additives and, once applied, guarantees excellent anti-rust action on working parts and machinery. Ideal for usage on high pressure machine tools without foaming.

Suitable for all cutting operations and removal of shavings, on ferrous metals and aluminium alloys. It can be used successfully in perilous cutting tasks. It may also be used to rectify.

– EP (Extreme Pressure) additives
– High cooling powers
– Detergent, anti-rust and anti-foaming properties