3-axis (3D) ultrasonic anemometer
-30 ... +50 °C, 10 - 26 V | CSAT3 Campbell Scientific Europe

The CSAT3 is a three-dimensional sonic anemometer that measures three orthogonal wind components and the speed of sound. In eddy covariance systems, it can measure the turbulent fluctuations of horizontal and vertical wind. These measurements are then used to calculate momentum flux and friction velocity. This sonic anemometer can also provide average horizontal wind speed and direction measurements.

Benefits and Features
Can be combined with EC150 or EC155 gas analyzers for open-path or closed-path eddy-covariance applications (OPEC or CPEC)
Provides precision turbulence measurements with minimal flow distortion
FW05 fine wire thermocouple (12.7 μm diameter) is available as an option for fast response temperature measurements
Withstands exposure to harsh weather conditions
Measurements can be used to calculate momentum flux and friction velocity
Compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers


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