robotic depalletizing cell / palletizing / packaging



  • Function:

    depalletizing, palletizing, packaging


Dedicated to packages handling and palletizing, the system is equipped with a linear robot with 3 controlled electrical axes (brushless synchronous), a supporting structure and a pallet housing support. The robot, equipped with a special gripping device, picks up the package from end-of-line position and orderly deposit it on the pallet.
Supporting structure, installed on the pallet housing support, is equipped with safety protections with conveyor belt opening (end-of-line packing machine), operator controlled opening and pallet opening controlled with light barriers. In this case, the replacement of the full pallet with the empty one is charged to the user; in order to increase the autonomy of the system, some modifications are possible with an empty pallets storage unit, an overhead contact line for pallets handling in deposit area and in discharging area.