flexible dock shelter

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flexible dock shelter flexible dock shelter


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Built with a strong folding galvanized steel construction, that can be retracted against the bulling in case of favourable weather conditions, the dock tunnel covers the external steel dock. It is implemented with a front retractable dock shelter, that blocks the bad weather conditions between VAN and building.

The dock tunnel allows to seal the rear part of the VAN, docked to an external steel dock.
The dock tunnel can be kept retracted against the building during the good weather conditions, and extended to cover the steel dock, and obtain a sealed tunnel between building and VAN when the bad weather conditions come. The dock tunnel is implemented with wheels for the easy operations.
On the front of the dock tunnel there is a retractable dock shelter that seals against the van, and retracts in case of out-of-centre dockings.
The front dock shelter has the rain water channel inside the roof, to convey laterally the rain water.
The construction of the dock tunnel makes it reliable and durable.