multi-parameter calibration and test bench / for dosimeter / mechanical
Canberra Industries



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    for dosimeter

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The Calibrator/M consists of:

A dosimeter handling and positioning conveyor drawer:
A test slot allows positioning the dosimeter for exposure to the 137Cs control source. A 137Cs source and its lead shield, designed as a collimator:
Activity of the source of 137Cs - 1.11 MBq (30 µCi). The source is placed 3.5 cm (1.4 in.) from the DOSICARD's detector. Dose rate - 88 µSv/h (8.8 mrem/hr). Precision of the measurement - ±6%. Irradiation time of the dosimeter - from four to 15 minutes (specified by the operator).
Note: The dose rate at the lead shield is <0.1 Gy/h (10 rad/h).