Dynamic mixing head / for 2-component resins
0 - 240 g/s | InterWet Cannon Group


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    for 2-component resins


Cannon InterWet is a mixing head with high pressure. It has been designed for co-injection of filled and reinforced polyurethane. The mixing head is suitable for use with InterWet co-injection technology for feeding a variety of solid fillers.

In the InterWet FPL 18, the solid component is metered and fed from the head's upper section via mechanimal controls. It is helped by a high-intensity, compressed air flow. The inflow of the liquid blend from the mixing chamber leads to a synchronization of its feed.

A union of solid component and liquid blend takes place, and the combination is co-injected into the mould. A key feature of this solution is that the union takes place within the mixing head right in front of the mixing chamber. This is the same zone where the mixture is directed by the turbulent flow to 90 degrees downwards. This results in making use of the kinetic energy from the pressurised liquids for complete and efficient wetting of the solid part stream.


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