Dynamic mixing head for two-component resin
0 - 240 g/s | InterWet Cannon Group

High-pressure mixing head for co-injection of reinforced/filled PU

This mixing head has been studied to be used with the InterWet co-injection technology for feeding a wide range of solid fillers.

InterWet FPL 18 High-Pressure Mixing Head

The metering and feeding operation of the solid component from the upper section of the head is controlled mechanically and assisted by an intense flow of compressed air. Its feed is synchronised with the arrival of the liquid blend from the mixing chamber.

The solid component meets the liquid blend and together they are co-injected into the mould. The innovative concept in this solution is that the solid component meets the liquid formulation just in front of the mixing chamber inside the mixing head, where the turbulent flow directs the mixture through 90 degrees downwards.

In this way, the kinetic energy from the pressurised liquids is used to wet the stream of solid component thoroughly and efficiently at a point close to the impingement mixing area. This special design and technique ensures that the solid component is thoroughly internally wetted, hence its name: InterWet.

Two different mixing head sizes are available in order to cover different output ranges. For optimum foaming performance and blend quality the following ratio of Glass and PU output has to be considered:


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