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PUR flexible block production line / continuous
Maxfoam Cannon Group


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    PUR flexible block

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The Maxfoam system is the perfect system for making continuous flexible foam blocks and is used in industries across the world. Unit is considered the most efficient way to producing flexible foam slab blocks. To this date, Cannon Viking Maxfoam equipment provides successful and economical operations in industries across the world. Recent statistics show that well over 350 companies in over 120 companies across the world use the Cannon Viking Maxfoam equipment.

Its special design adheres to the highest standards and feature multiple quality features as a standard function not seen in other similar competitor equipment. The Maxfoam is able to process individually metered chemicals which are first mixed together in the mechanical mixing head , then directly fed into a metal trough, (expansion device) where all chemical reactions take place. The rising foam then passes from the top of the through on the the variable width, steel telescopic Maxfoam fall plate unit, which then leads to the expanding foam block.