linear displacement sensor / non-contact / capacitive / button type



  • Type:


  • Contact / non-contact:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    button type, precision

  • Measuring range:

    Min.: 0.1 in

    Max.: 0.15 in


Capacitecs HPB thin side-looking button probes are designed to measure displacement and part dimensional changes in tight or hidden access locations looking at an earth grounded target. The Button Series probes are particularly well suited for placement in very small, down to 0.025 in (0.65mm), locations for the inspection of thin gaps. The probes are often used in pairs to compensate for part misalignment and gauge positioning. Capacitec can improve accuracy, repeatability and precision by replacing existing mechanical contact gauging methods with non-contact "electronic gages".
HPB Button Probes are available in a wide operational temperature range for precise displacement measurements from Cryogenic to 1000°C.
Capacitec specializes in custom configurations including probe installation services into a customer's components and fixtures. Please consult the Capacitec technical support team for more information.