signal amplifier / capacitance / differential / electronic
220, 520 series CAPACITEC



  • Type:

    signal, capacitance

  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, rugged, stand-alone, rack-mount, 2-channel

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 5 V

    Max.: 12 V


Capacitec now offers stand alone dual channel electronic amplifier packages, with a choice of Capteura® 220 series or 520 series dual amplifier cards, housed in the same small rugged aluminum enclosure as the single channel with an external envelope of 9.5" X 4.25" X 1.25" (241mm x 108mm x 32mm). This configuration offers a more cost effective option than the multi-slot rack with 2 single channel cards.

All models are compatible with the full range of new and existing Capacitec displacement sensor probes and thin film wands. Each configuration includes a built in 200-CP oscillator module and an external AC/DC universal power adapter (105 to 240 VAC). The unit is also available a with a DC/DC converter with a 5-12 VDC power input range. A 12 foot (3.6 meters) analog output cable and a 12 foot (3.6 meters) target grounding cable are included. The standard single ended analog output is 0-10VDC, with optional 0-5VDC, -10VDC – 10VDC. Differential analog output is also standard upon request.

Selection of the new Capteura® dual channel card models depends on the customer’s preferred features such as output signals, frequency required and overall accuracy. The available dual channel amplifiers now offered are listed below:

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