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    rugged, contact

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2HPB Series Wands
Capacitec 2HPB wands, as can be seen in example 2HPB-125-A-100 below, are often used to replace hard stop gauge blocks or thick feeler gauges with a non-contact electronic equivalent that will withstand the industrial environment while providing digital results that can be used in quality systems such as Six Sigma. These wands are assembled using thin versions of Capacitec Model HPB series button-like capacitive sensors installed "back to back" in a rigid or semi rigid 1mm nominal industrial wand. The HPB series is manufactured in custom lengths up to 2 meters.

2HPS Series Wands
The HPS series, as can be seen in the example 2HPS-6-(0.6)-A-327 below, is manufactured in custom lengths up to 18" (500mm). Capacitec can also begin the design using thicker wands when customers are looking to measure wider gaps. For example if a customer was looking to measure a gap of 0.157” to 0.236” (4 to 6mm), the design would start with a wand thickness of just less than 0.157” (4mm). Choosing a matching sensor such as an HPS 4 with a range of 0.079” (2mm) and embedding one sensor on top and one on the bottom would now have a useable range of 0.157” to 0.236” (4 to 6mm) independent of the probe position in the gap.

This series is custom designed to meet customer specifications both in size as well as operating temperatures to as high as 400°F (204°C) optional. This design allows position compensated linear gap measurement throughout the range.