Sandwich furnace / laboratory
max. 1200°C | HST, VST Carbolite

1200°C Horizontal & vertical split tube furnaces:

- Maximum operating temperature 1200°C
- Tube diameters up to 110mm
- Heated lengths of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 900mm
- Resistance wire heating elements are semi-embedded in rigidised low thermal mass insulation
- A separate ceramic worktube is optional
- The split design offers the flexibility to lower the furnace around a fixed item, such as a pipe with flanges which is too large to pass through a solid tube furnace
- Removable half tube adapters allow rapid changes for different size worktubes or workpieces up to 110mm outer diameter
- Built on the horizontal base pictured left, with a separate control box
- Applications in general industry include, heat treatment of workpieces with unusual dimensions
- Applications in materials rsearch include testing of novel materials


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