analysis microscope / measuring / for surface roughness measurement / for surface inspection
ZEISS Smartproof 5 Carl Zeiss Microscopy



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis, measuring, for surface roughness measurement, for surface inspection

  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:

    3D, confocal

  • Other characteristics:

    with wide field of view and long working distance, automated, for measuring and inspection, for industrial use, topography, for materials inspection, for quality control


The integrated widefield confocal microscope ZEISS Smartproof 5 is your system for surface analysis in quality assurance and quality control. Put it to work on a wide range of industrial applications - such as roughness and topographical characterization - that come up every day in QA/QC departments, production environments and R&D labs.

- Perfect balance between high resolution and high speed
- Data analysis and reporting according to international standards
- Easy to operate system with workflow routines
- Teachable inspection jobs and workflow-oriented graphical user interface
- User-independent data acquisition as a basis for precise and repeatable results
- Fully integrated system: optics, electronics and camera are all enclosed in the microscope