max. 2 550 l/min, max. 20 µm | DVFR series CARLISLE FLUID TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE



The DeVilbiss DVFR-1 Filter Regulator is a product commonly used for high air flows in conventional and compliant spray guns. It is a very useful unit, with a heavy duty yet slender build for easy bodyshop booth work. Equipped with a rolling diaphragm that allows it a fast response and sensitive air pressure control, it has removable and lockable air pressure control knobs that make it tamper-proof.

All the air outlets feature ball valves allowing individual control and all units have a semi-automatic drain. The gauge is calibrated in 0-116PSI and 0-8bar. The DVFR-1 provides air filtration to 5micron, air flow of 90CFM (2,550L/min) and is suitable for both booth use and ovens with temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).

This filter regulator is also equipped with a three-ball valve controlled outlet. This product has been manufactured using techno-polymer materials to ensure solvent resistance and was built with a state-of-the-art rolling diaphragm technology to ensure optimum air flow and precision control.