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Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor / twin-auger / for commercial refrigeration
Paragon series Carlyle Compressors


  • Configuration:


  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for commercial refrigeration

  • Refrigeration capacity:

    Min.: 60 ch (59.18 hp)

    Max.: 75 ch (73.97 hp)


Easy application, high efficiency, and reliability

Compatible with R-134a

Patented rotor profile geometry produced on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for unequaled performance

Automatic unloaded starting and continuous unloading down to 25%, with built-in Vi compensation at part load

Dependable rolling element bearing design with sealed cavity for reduced loads

Oil pump is not required

100% factory run tested

Integrated check valve for quiet shutdown and flexibility to use multiple compressors in parallel

High efficiency, suction cooled motor with integrated NTC winding sensor for thermal protection

Pre-engineered oil management accessories and flexible oil separator selections to match design requirements

Standard commercial marine parts warranty, OEM-backed


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