mineral processing software / simulation / modeling / design



  • Function:

    simulation, modeling, design, optimization, calculation

  • Applications:

    process, industrial, for mineral processing

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USIM PAC is a simulation software for mineral processing. Thanks to a library of equipment models, USIM PAC enables to simulate the successive ore transformation steps: comminution, flotation, hydrometallurgy, solid/liquid separation…

To extract the valuable components from ore, the raw material must be deconstructed through mechanical, chemical or biological treatment operations. The design and optimization of plants required to be able to “model” the process. The first impulse is often to organize process calculations in spreadsheet, which are error-prone, can become obscure to other people, inducing a loss of information on the process and a lack of efficiency in projects implementation.

USIM PAC enables to overcome these difficulties. The process is modelled graphically, enabling a total system approach. The processed material can be described with its complexity and the its physicochemical transformations are modelled with precision. The calculations are performed in just minutes, thanks to powerful algorithms.

Main features:
• Forecasted mass balances
• Equipment sizing
• Optimization of plant performances: recovery, quality, power consumption, water balance…

Fields of application
• Base metals: copper, lead, zinc, nickel
• Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum…
• Iron ore
• Alumina
• Coal, uranium
• Industrial minerals