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furniture automatic warehouse / vertical / box / pallet
FAST Cassioli



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    box, for furniture, pallet


The FAST (Furniture Automatic Storage) patents represent a real innovation in the automated storage system industry.

CASSIOLI has always been a firm believer in technology research aimed at the most revolutionary plant engineering solutions. This same propensity for innovation has the to the construction of an exclusive, patented automatic storage system. In particular, the innovative holding device and the sophisticated operational methodology allow for performances that are unthinkable with any other traditional stacker crane system.

Why is FAST such a novelty in the intensive storage industry?

Because, compared to pallet warehouses, it completely overcomes the need to stack objects on pallets and then single them out;
Because, unlike stacker cranes that can handle only one item at a time, FAST can handle many items simultaneously, both when storing and when retrieving, thereby drastically reducing overall stacker crane workload;
Because, unlike traditional grouping warehouses, FAST allows for totally random object storing by item and subsequent issuing grouped by customer order;
Because it can handle very different object sizes in the same group.