handling automatic guided vehicle / for loading / for warehouses / for unloading



  • Applications:

    handling, for loading, for warehouses, for unloading

  • Specifications:

    driven roller

  • Load:

    Max.: 1,500 kg (3,307 lb)

    Min.: 250 kg (551 lb)


This family of vehicles uses roller, tape or chain conveyors for unit loading/unloading. The on-board handling device consents lifting, lowering, rotating or otherwise controlling the object being carried, depending on the specific handling need. Handling of crates, boxes and pallets is performed with a high degree of accuracy and safety, allowing for rational and effective use of the space available.

The use of this type of cart is justified by intensive product flows across large warehouses. Unlike fork LGVs, deck loading LGVs require less maneuvering space. The possibility of carrying more than one load units makes this kind of cart the right choice for long routes.