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electric forklift / AGV / for warehouses / handling



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    for warehouses

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"The possibility of intervening on work route configurations is the factor that has essentially determined the widespread use of automated carts."

The CASSIOLI control system can monitor all information regarding vehicle positioning and status, as well as requests transmitted by the production system. In this way, the system processes and determines the best route for the current situation, in real-time (vehicle scheduling and routing).
Double navigation system.

The Company’s ultra-decennial experience and competence in the field of automated vehicles has demonstrated that there is no single guiding system that is efficient in all industrial environments. In certain warehouse areas, such as narrow and long aisle, tunnels near industrial ovens and, in general, outside the factory, the accurate fixed-reference triangulation required by laser technology is not possible. Hence, in these particular contexts, CASSIOLI’s AGV – LGV integrate the technology of self-driven carts with a double navigation system: laser guidance technology and induction guidance technology, based on the detection of magnetic fields generated by pellets embedded in the floor. In specific cases, a special video camera may also be used, to provide information to the navigation system.