semi-automatic assembly line / dispatch

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semi-automatic assembly line / dispatch semi-automatic assembly line / dispatch


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Every plant engineering solution is the result of a careful analysis of the above flows in terms of physical location (enumeration of in/out points and respective system handling) and in terms of the temporal distribution imposed by the manufacturing schedule and planned supplies to each station.
A thorough understanding of the flow of collecting pieces and of the components and/or serving kits for the stations is required to define the configuration of the line, with important repercussions on handling system operation. For example, the need to separate work flows among different workstations would impose the use of inter-operational buffers, thus creating specific functional requirements for the handling system.
As for supplies in stock for each workstation, CASSIOLI systems are designed to manage both single components and assembly kits. The best serving technique will be chosen for each specific situation, based on the physical characteristics of the products, on material supply methods and on the productivity requested by the system. Single components or assembly kits can follow the collecting piece in appropriate multi-component containers or be conveyed synchronously (either manually or automatically) to the workstations.
Putting its competence at customer disposal, CASSIOLI will suggest the best workstation supply method, based on push or pull criteria. In the first case, materials are supplied at a fixed frequency, anticipating workstation requirements. Instead, in the second case, the station sends a request for supply when stock levels drop below a given amount.