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automatic assembly line / handling / multipurpose



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The method of materials supply to workstations (push or pull), the physical characteristics of the collecting piece, the size of the handling base, the volumetric characteristics of the work area, and the flexibility and production capacity required by the line greatly influence the configuration of the handling system. Based on specific functional needs, assembly lines include sorting devices, by-pass and decoupling buffers for the workstations.
Layout design defines the shape of the assembly line. The type of serving for the workstation (mono-component or push/pull kits), the degree of automation of the picking systems (batch picking or order picking), and the continuous or discontinuous working rate define completely different line layouts. CASSIOLI can satisfy each customer’s specific needs, offering fixed-rate assembly lines or lines fitted with inter-operational reservoirs, snake-shaped lines, U-shaped main conveyor systems with external stations, double ring lines, horizontal-central continuous conveyor lines, systems with cart-served stations (linear route) or shuttles (ring routes – SLS CASSIOLI) or automatic guidance vehicles (free routes – LGV CASSIOLI).
Every single workstation is designed with maximum care. Both automated workstations (anthropomorphic robots or customized automated systems) and manual workstations are designed to guaranty maximum system efficiency and potentiality, in addition to the best possible ergonomic and safety conditions for personnel. Different, intelligent choices for every merchandise sector, to ensure maximum productivity.