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Automated assembly stations, end-of-line palletizing systems, highly automated manufacturing stages: these are but some of the countless CASSIOLI robotized applications for assembly lines. Mono-line/multi-line, Cartesian axis robots guaranty high performance in terms of cycle time, loading capacity and the management of different codes.
CASSIOLI can design and manufacture any type of holding, coupling and processing devices, based on specific customer needs. Last-generation viewing systems, where provided for, support the robot guiding system: by processing images obtained using video cameras in real time, robotic movements can be managed taking into consideration factors of possible “interference” (shift of the object with respect to reference points, sporadic piece deformation, etc.)
The software that accompanies the robotic device allows for complex cycles that may be required by specific types of assembly lines.
For greater information regarding robotized areas, not only those for assembly lines but also those designed for production or distribution contexts, please visit the respective section at the links provided.