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warehouse management (WMS) software / control / process / automated
iControl Cassioli



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    warehouse management (WMS), control

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The iControl WCS (Warehouse Control System) coordinates, controls and adjusts all processes regarding automated material flows. Equipped with a modular and open-ended configuration, the iControl system allows for dynamic storage allocation management, thus minimizing loading and unloading routes. iControl WCS is perfectly integrated with the iWare warehouse management system and the iMaker production control software.

Handling processes managed by iControl allow for horizontal or vertical material or product transfer from one place to another. In the event of a mere distance to be covered, transfer must be carried out quickly and reliably, as the actual transfer time is considered idle-time. CASSIOLI produces advanced transfer systems, from simple conveyors (tape, chain, slat, belt, roller, etc.) to more complex automated solutions.