manufacturing execution system software / production management / process / automated
iMaker Cassioli



  • Function:

    manufacturing execution system, production management

  • Applications:


  • Type:

    automated, centralized


All material handling, processing and respective information flows techniques may be integrated at all production levels so as to guaranty efficient engineering with enormous advantages per all industrial processes. Thanks to decades of know-how in the production sector, CASSIOLI integrates its MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in the industrial LogIS suite. The iMaker system is the CASSIOLI software product to control corporate production. The management system involves direct connection to machines to deduce the information required and integrate the execution of manufacturing stages and generate information needed to control the production itself. Every single stage is homogenously integrated into all production levels, from the field level right up to more complex systems.

Production management activities consist in all those automated actions and production functions aimed a coordinating equipment, personnel, materials and industrial processes. CASSIOLI’s automatic manufacturing control system processes all data regarding production capacity, scheduling and all resources (personnel, materials and equipment) related to a given production unit.