belt conveyor / for the aeronautical industry / baggage / inclined



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    for the aeronautical industry

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    inclined, transport, handling


The baggage handling system of Cassioli Airport Division has been installed in many airports around the world. Each solution comes from the joining of two specific skills. First, CASSIOLI Airport Division leverages decades of experience and technological know-how developed by CASSIOLI in the field of automation in industrial transport: modern systems for material handling, management and PLC software for reliable flows control and identification systems with RFID technology for maximum accuracy in terms of tracking. The other key component is the acquisition of skills gained in more than 15 years in the field of airport logistics as, for example, the “Friction Drive” propulsion, the adoption of extruded aluminium profiles and the use of high strength plastics (high fire resistance and low smoke propagation material). All equipment is designed with the aim of achieving the best balance between costs, efficiency and reliability.

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