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electric pallet truck / platform / vehicle loading / unloading
NPV20N2 / NPF25N2 Cat Lift Trucks



  • Operation:


  • Operator:


  • Other characteristics:

    vehicle loading, unloading

  • Load:

    2,500 kg, 2,000 kg (5,511.56 lb)


This product was designed for long distance and medium movements, making it suitable for various loading and unloading operations. The NPV range of power pallet trucks also comes with a uniquely designed platform that will make transporting loads a much easier job for anyone who has to perform them.

Next, the precise and smooth control characteristics during operation combine with a platform area that is comfortable, and the noise levels are extremely low, this being in no danger of causing disturbances. Next, the dirt and water resistant construction will be greatly appreciated by fleet managers, while the energy-saving programmable drive options will save power when in use.