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Hot plate
HPH series CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.


The Caloritech™ HPH Industrial Heavy-Duty Hot Plate Heater is designed for heavy-duty use in industrial environments. The unit consists of a robust Caloritech™ heating element pressed into a groove on the underside of an aluminum heating plate to provide efficient heat transfer and uniform surface termperatures. The element is end sealed to resist moisture and contamination during use. Typical applications include heating viscous liquids or holding the temperature of cleaning solutions, glues, waxes or epoxies during use.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

10" (254 mm) plate diameter designed to nest under a 20 L pail, optimizing contact of the heating surface with the pail
Rated at 120V 1200 W for plug-in to a standard 15 amp grounded wall receptacle
8 ft (2400 mm) cord facilitates placement
Adjustable range thermostat from 10°C to 120°C (50°F to 250°F) senses plate temperature; built-in pilot light goes off after plate temperature reaches the set point
Unit weight of 10 lbs (4.5 kg)


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