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thyristor power controller
35 - 700 A | REVO-M 1PH CD Automation UK Ltd



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Ideal for: Normal Resistance, Short, Medium & Long Wave IR and Silicon Carbide load types
Single Phase / 24Vac to 690Vac Supply / DC logic (SSR), 4-20mA or 0-10V DC linear inputs, 10K Pot or RS485 Comms input / Zero Crossing, Single Cycle, Burst Firing, Soft Start + Burst Firing, Delayed Triggering + Burst Firing, Phase Angle, Soft Start + Phase Angle.

The fully universal REVO M provides the user total flexibility with the ability to select any input, firing & feedback type. Either via the front panel display & keypad, or via the RS485 comms port the user has opportunity to change or view any parameter, including to read & display process values such as the Voltage, Current & Power. Internal quick-blow fuses as standard provide complete protection for the thyristor. Heater break alarm available as an option.