Semi-automatic labeler / side / for self-adhesive labels / for self-adhesive labels
Ninette II CDA


  • Operational mode:


  • Label position:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Product applications:

    for self-adhesive labels, for cylindrical products, bottle, for cylindrical items, round cardboard boxes

  • Other characteristics:

    in-line, rotary, for the wine industry, 2-label

  • Throughput:

    15 p/min


Semi-automatic labelling machine to apply front and back self-adhesive labels on cylindrical produts of any kind
General information:
- Performance: up to 800 bottles or jars per hour according to operator
- Easy label height regulation
- Very mobile, can be moved easily
- Labeling of 37.5 cl, 50 cl and 75 cl bottles, magnums and tapered bottles without setting changes
- Adapted for the labeling of any cylindrical container either of glass,
plastic, cardboard, metal from 40 mm to 220 mm diameter
- Possibility to label products with diameter less than 40 mm diameter (optional)
- Wrap around labelling possibility
- Labelling height : up to 190 mm in standard version
Options :
- Positioning cell for notched bottles
- Positioning cell to add an aditional label on already labelled bottles
- Stainless steel frame built on wheels
- Labeling for labels and diameters besides standard size upon request


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