volumetric filler-capper / monobloc / centrifugal / oil


  • Type:

    volumetric, monobloc, centrifugal

  • Product applications:

    oil, for liquids, bottle top, for pasty products, for cosmetic products, for cans, cylinder, for viscous products, for pharmaceutical products, beverage, for chemicals, for dairy products, sauce, pot, for edible oil, cup, for cream, for cans, for plastic bottles

  • Operational mode:



The "K-net", which is designed by CDA, is a semi-automatic filling machine that can dose-fill all types of liquids while providing a high level of hygiene and dosing accuracy. Its production speed can reach 1500 L/h.
Customers appreciate it for its ease of use and cleaning features.

It has a packing machine for liquid products that can fill multiple packaging formats from 50 ml to 5L. It can reach a production rate of 1500 litres/hour.

Machine equipped with:
- Easy adjustment and centring
- Flowmeter on self-priming pump
- Product screw-capping solution
- 304L stainless steel frame
- Filling accuracy +/- 0.3 %
- Stainless steel conveyor.

Operating principle:
- The flowmeter is fed by a centrifugal or displacement pump
- The set-point is programmed on the colour touchscreen, dosing valve managed by PLC
- Filling nozzles suitable for different products (foaming, stringy, viscous, etc...).
- Easy to clean, simplified by incorporating the tray underneath the dosing nozzle directly in the frame, which is made entirely from 304L STAINLESS STEEL
- Completely standalone operation on mains supply (220V) with built-in silent compressor (optional).

Additional hardware:
- Manual screwing machine
- Pneumatic cap press machine
- Folding side shelf
- Crimping machine
- Labelling machine.