Bottle filler / multi-container / can / container
K-Line CDA


  • Container type:

    bottle, multi-container, can, container, pail, for jars, can, tin can, drum

  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    volumetric, linear, weight, multi-head, in-line, online, monobloc

  • Product applications:

    sauce, for liquids, for paint, for cans, for viscous products, tea, oil, for the food industry, dairy products, for cream, for viscous products, for carbonated drinks, for pharmaceutical products, for oil, for milk, beverage, for pasty products, packaging machine, for adhesive materials

  • Other characteristics:

    bench-top, with conveyor

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 50 ml (1.69 fl us oz)

    Max.: 5000 ml (169.07 fl us oz)


Linear automatic filling machine for liquid products

Machine to fill containers from 50 ml to 5L with liquid products

Machine outfitted with electromagnetic or mass flow-meters according to the products

Working process:
Feeding of the flow-meter by a centrifugal or a volumetric pump.
Dosing programming through a colour touch-screen display, control of the dosing nozzle by PLC
Memorization of the filling and weight or volume instruction
Dosing nozzles with motorized height regulation
Nozzles adapted to different products (foaming, running, viscous and so on...)
System to position the container necks under the nozzles
No dripping system
Easy cleaning, simplified thanks the integration of the tank below the dosing nozzle and built directly in the stainless steel structure
Size change without additional tool

Additional equipment:
Motorized feeding table
Semi-automatic or automatic closing system
Semi-automatic or automatic labeling machine
Marking system
Carton sealer
Additional conveyors


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