circular saw / for plastics / pneumatic / heavy-duty
CTSD series CDS - Custom Downstream Systems Inc.



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for plastics

  • Other characteristics:

    pneumatic, heavy-duty, down-cut, for extrusion lines

  • Circular saw blade diameter:

    10 in, 14 in, 18 in, 24 in

  • Round piece diameter:

    3 in, 5 in, 7 in, 9 in


CDS Down-Cut saw sequencing performs cuts from top down where the table returns to home after the cut. A heavy-duty support base is painted for corrosion resistance and operator clamp controls are pneumatic for additional control. Safety features include a full blade safety shroud equipped with ducting, emergency top palm button, clear polycarbonate safety enclosure with sliding access doors and safety interlock switches as well as phase relay for proper motor rotation. CDS Down-Cut saws are accurate, precise and safe