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Sanding machine for flat and shaped panels

Smartsand is the machine designed for sanding flat and shaped panels, both raw and coated, equipped with multipurpose brushes.

Smartsand is an extremely modular sanding machine. It can be included in coating lines, or used outside the line as a stand-alone machine.
Smartsand, available in two models, is the ideal solution for the smoothing of panel edges and the sanding of any type of panel in wood, wood products and composite materials.
Smartsand, in both configuration 1 and configuration 2, features a quick-release brush unit for easy maintenance and replacement.
On request, the machine can be equipped with multipurpose brushes with two-way rotation, which can simultaneously use two different types of sanding paper, for complex sanding requirements. Smartsand is equipped with a vacuum conveyor belt with rubber feed roller, which ensures maximum adhesion of the panel to the belt surface.
The control panel is equipped with a touch screen for monitoring all operating parameters. The operating speed of the brushes and belt can both be adjusted. The lifting system for the brushes and presser roller frame, which are both independent, allows adjustment of the sanding pressure on the workpiece.


SMARTSAND 1: This Smartsand model is perfect for the smoothing of panel edges and the sanding of panels, flat doors and panels with low reliefs. It features two counter-rotating brushes which can be angled up to 15°.

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