inkjet printer / floor-standing / digital
J-Print TD Cefla Finishing



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  • Resolution:

    40 dpi


Digital printer for tactile effects.

A specific technology enables J-PRINT TD to create tactile effects on the panel's surface.

The new J-PRINT TD single-pass printer can print tactile effects.
It prints at resolutions up to 400 dpi and speeds up to 50 m/min. This advanced printer employs the technology to create positive and negative tactile effects with outstanding realism and a high value for money, reliable process.

J-PRINT TD can be configured from 1 standard position up to a maximum of 2 positions. Its graphics software enables it to print high definition gray-scale images with its high quality print heads.
J-PRINT TD employs a system which circulates the ink through the print heads, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning cycles. The specially designed ink reservoirs and automatic control of all critical parameters including temperature, flow and circuit pressure, assure optimal ink management.
J-PRINT TD implements the market leading gray-scale DOD (Drop on Demand) technology as standard supply.

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