Three-phase contactor / solid-state
24 - 520 VAC, max. 5 - 50 A | SIT series celduc relais


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The Three phase ZeroCross Solid State Contactor is specially developed for all kinds of loads.
It has a latest High Efficiency Back to back thyristors on output with TMS2 technology for a long service time of 24 to 520VAC 50A I2t > 1500A2s.
The control range ranges from 8,5-30VDC or 10-30VAC.
A Green LED visualization is available on the input.
It has a high immunity and the output voltage is protect by RC and VDR.
It is made available with integrated heatsink for DIN rail mounting and has a IP20 protection cover.
It has been designed according to the EN60947-4-3 (IEC947-4-3) and EN60950/VDE0805 (Reinforced Insulation) -UL-cUL.


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